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Rodger Constructions above all else aims to protect human life.

We are Committed to comply with the legal requirements of Health and Safety and all other applicable legislation or legal requirements that apply to our enterprise.

We set and reviews our OH & S policies, objectives, and targets regularly within a framework of consultation with our employees and other interested parties.

We are committed to provide a safe work environment, to perform our activities in compliance with our management system, legislation and all other applicable OH & S requirements.

We recognise our responsibility to provide and maintain, as far as practical, an environment that is safe and without risks to health for its employees and visitors.

We expect employees to take responsible care for their own health and safety, and that of their work companions, visitors and the public, and to support and assist the company objectives to improve health and safety conditions.

We are committed to establish measurable safety objectives and targets aimed ar presentation of work-related injuries and illness.

We continually seek to improve our performance in respect of health and safety by following the process and reviews laid out in our Management System. 

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